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Hi, I am an art history student (BA Art History 2022) and I am working on a masters in ancient mediterranian art and archeology in Italy. On this site you will find things about art I think is interesting from all eras, topics, mediums, etc., my own art, and resources on art history/art theory.

I'm only self-taught in HTML/CSS, so some parts of this site may be broken (especially if you are using a mobile device) and it is constantly changing and improving. Check back for updates!

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On the pilgrim path to la Sacra di San Michele

3 March 2023

For us to reach the complex of Sacra di San Michele during the week and without a car, we had to take the old pilgrim path from the town of Chiuso San Michele, a two hour long hike that winds up the side of the mountain, 600 m above the starting point. Unbeknownst to us, the paths from San Ambrosio are much more suited to experienced and prepared mountaineers - the few people we saw were decked out in hiking gear and carrying walking sticks. As we got higher, we were able to see more of the val di Susa, which was created by prehistoric glaciers that left plenty of blue-green basalt stone, which was used to pave the path and for much of the construction of the Sacra complex.